Can You Pass A Pawn Without Taking It?

can you pass a pawn without taking it

It’s important to understand the rules of the chess game if we wish to make any significant progress. One piece that most beginner players find difficult to learn to move are the pawns.

Pawns are the soul of chess and are lined across the second rank of the board. They move only one square forward and capture one square forward to the left or right.

Some players might ask “Can you pass a pawn without taking it?”

Can You Pass A Pawn Without Taking It

In chess you CAN pass a pawn without taking it unlike checkers where you are sometimes obliged to capture a piece.

How Many Points Are The Pawns Worth?

Each pawn is only given a single point. Because they can only move one square forward they are considered to be the weakest of all the chess pieces. Pawns however should not be underestimated. Pawns play a critical role in the development of your pieces, protection of the king, and attacking of the enemy king.

Pawns can be counted upon during the latter stages of the game. These brave soldiers that manages to get to the last row of the chessboard can be promoted into a majestic queen or any other piece such as the knight, rook or bishop.