Along with our interactive lessons, we also provide a puzzle system with over 2 Million unique puzzles for you to practice chess on! The difficulty of your puzzles scales with your skill level, so you are always learning!

2 Million Chess Puzzles

Over 2 Million Puzzles

2 Million Chess Puzzles

30+ Unique Tactics

Chess ELO Rating

Scales On Rating

Chess Puzzles

What Are
Chess Puzzles?

Chess puzzles are a training tool that help you practice finding the best move in different situations!

You will be provided a chessboard on your turn to move with a pre-set position. You will then be asked to make the best move in that situation. If you make the correct move, you will get a harder puzzle next time!

If you make the incorrect move, your next puzzle will be a little easier than the last.

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Learn Chess Tactics

Tactics are a series of moves that puts you in an advantageous position by either winning material, checkmating your opponent, or giving you a positional advantage! There are many chess tactics like the fork, skewer, back rank mate, and more! Hercules Chess' puzzles are a great way to learn to spot tactics quickly and efficiently. Since our puzzles scale with your competency, you will learn how to spot harder and harder puzzles as you progress through our tool!

  • Mate In 1 135,914
  • Mate In 2 269,834
  • Mate In 3 67,815
  • Mate In 4 9,765
  • Fork 323,319
  • Pin 139,663
  • Skewer 45,667
  • Sacrifice 144,298
  • Smothered Mate 4,603
  • Anastasia Mate 2,197
  • Back Rank Mate 71,061
  • Other 2,000,000+

Why Should I Practice
Using Puzzles?

Although puzzles are not a one-stop solution to becoming a grandmaster in chess, they do train your mind to quickly and efficiently find chess tactics in game.

Puzzles, however, will not prevent you from getting yourself in a bad position in your games. If you do get into a bad position, no about of tactics knowledge will save you.

This is why we suggest training 10-15 minutes worth of puzzles a day and pair it along with other training like live games and openings practice!

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Practicing Chess

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