Is Chess Fun? The Truth About Playing Chess

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is chess fun

Many people view the game of chess as some boring, slow game that brings little to no benefits to one’s life. Those people are looking at the game from the wrong perspective and have no real insights. Most likely, they have never played it either.

But to those who have and are playing it, chess is a lot of fun. It beats playing a majority of other games where you may not be allowed to touch the ball for long periods of time. In chess, you are always in touch with your players and make the moves.

9 Reasons why chess is fun

Fun is relative and subjective. What is fun and cool to one person may not have the same effect on another. But that hit and miss reality does not mean that chess is not fun. it can be fun if you look at the game from the right perspective. Here are some reasons why chess is more fun than people think:

#1. You build a social circle

Having friends is a part of enjoying life and having fun. Like-minded chess players can get together and have a great time talking, sharing thoughts, etc., over a game of chess. That makes life and the game more enjoyable

#2. It is not the same game twice

That is one of the realities of chess. Unlike monopoly where you are doing the same things over and over every time you play, after about the first 4 moves, chess evolves into a different game that may not be duplicated the next time you play. A new opponent brings new challenges and new twists to the game

#3. There are no excuses

You win or lose based on skill not a blown call by the umpire or referee. Nor can chess be won or lost on a roll of a dice or a flip of a playing card. You make your success and that is half the fun of the game.

#4. It is a game for both genders

Boys and girls can master the game and no one needs to be excluded. Testing your mental against other types of thinkers brings more challenges which help to build the fun factor

#5. It is a game for all ages

No matter how young or old you are, you can play the game. Some players start at age 6 and most do not stop playing until they are too infirm to make a move. you have a game for life

#6. You are on the same level

While intelligence levels do differ, no matter your physical condition, you can play the game. It is just your brain against your opponent’s brain and the best thinker wins

#7. It is a game of challenges

Many people thrive on challenges as that is what makes life fun for them. Chess has its own style of challenges that make the game fun for most of its players.

#8. You are in almost every move

Unlike other games where you might not be a part of the play, in chess you make all the moves. No one can replace you. In other words, you play every down, every period, every inning. You are involved all the time

#9. You see improvement

Not just in your confidence or other abilities but you get to see how fast you are improving with every game. That makes chess fun as you can monitor how good you are getting and take encouragement from your progress

Major elements that make chess fun

The previous reasons are all good and show you why chess is fun. But there are some main elements that make the game more fun than people really think.

#1. You play when you want

That is one of the best aspects of the game. There is no schedule, no set playing time and you can do it in the morning, in the afternoon or at night. You just pick up the game board and chess pieces and simply ask someone to play with you.

Whether you are on vacation or home on the weekend, you can play the game just because you want to play it. You can also play via e-mail, snail mail, by phone, or some other long-distance avenue.

#2. Humans are not your only opponents

With the advent of the computer, you can play against artificial intelligence and really challenge your skills. This ups the skill level and adding an element of fun not found in lower-level games.

#3. You can play almost anywhere you want

That is within reason of course. But if you want to be alone, you can climb up the local water tower and play on the decking that goes around it. or you can play it in the school library, the game is a silent one, and you can play it at the office on your breaks.

The locations available are almost unlimited.

#4. The chess board and pieces vary

You are not stuck with one boring size of a chess board to play on. Unlike other sports and games, there is only one size, and that one size is supposed to be used everywhere. With chess, you can have large chess boards, small ones, magnetic or even roll-up boards.

Plus, the game pieces can be hand-carved, machine-made, plastic, metal, wood, and created in some exotic designs. Like the chess game, there are a myriad of chess boards and piece options that add an element of fun to the game.

Some final words

Chess is fun for those who really love the game. It is also fun if you find yourself improving your chess skills. To improve you need to love the game and when you love a game you will find fun in it.

It may not be the same type of fun a basketball player or a monopoly player has but it is still fun. Fun is where you find it and it meets your requirements to qualify as enjoyable.

Andrew Hercules

Hercules Chess, launched in 2020, is a website that teaches you about chess. We started as a chess blog and became a chess training platform in early 2022.

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