What Chess Sets Do Pros Use? Tips For Choosing The Right Chess Set

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In this blog post, we will discuss what chess sets pros use and how to choose the best chess set for your needs. Chess is a game of strategy that has been played for centuries. It requires players to think ahead in order to win. The advantages of playing chess are numerous, including improved brain function and critical thinking skills.

Chess sets come in different materials such as plastic, wood or marble which all have their own benefits depending on personal preference or budget limitations. Choosing the right one can make a difference in both level of enjoyment and overall success at the game!

What Chess Sets Do Pros Use?

The 3 most common types of chess sets that pros use are:

1. Wooden Chess Sets– A wooden chess set will typically be made from maple or walnut wood. These are the most expensive sets and provide an authentic feel for playing in tournaments such as Wimbledon, but they may not stand up to hard use.

2. Marble Chess Set – Marble is one of the least common materials that you might find in your average retail store, however it can make for a beautiful display piece around the house if you’re looking at getting something very ornate! You won’t want to take this type with you on vacation though because it’s heavy and fragile.

3. Plastic Chess Set – Plastic sets offer a more affordable option without sacrificing quality or beauty and come in both full size and mini options.

Click the links below to view our top 10 recommended chess sets that professional players use:
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Top 10 best plastic chess sets

What size chess board do professionals use?

The size of the chess board is usually determined by the type of game being played. A smaller “bughouse” or “blitzkrieg” board can be as small as 11 inches, while a large tournament-style chessboard may measure 25 inches on each side and feature elaborate woodcarvings. Take a look at my previous article on the best size chess board.

When playing with a full set for two players in standard time controls (roughly 45 minutes per player), it’s common for pros to use boards that are about 21 inches wide and individual square size of 2.5 inches. The bigger the size is the better!

This allows enough room for the pieces to roam freely and leaves plenty of space around the king and other key pieces like rooks and knights when they’re all clustered together near the center!

21" Hardwood Chess Board, commonly used by Pros.

To get your hands on this nicely crafted 21″ chess board, just click this link to check it out. click here

If you prefer speedier play, or playing with only two players, board lengths of about 19 inches are common.

Note that the size and shape of a particular board may also be determined by its intended use – an outdoor chess set might have a slightly larger surface to help it stand up better in high winds!

What Chess set is used in world championship?

The chess set used in the world championship measures 21″ in length and width. The material is made up of a special type of wood that will not rot or warp. This special wood is typically walnut or ash.

The chessmen are carved from a combination of hard woods, and then hand-painted with various colors. The set includes 64 pieces: 32 pieces for white and 32 pieces for black. There are 16 pawns, 4 rooks, 2 queens, 4 knights, 4 bishops and 2 kings (one for each player).

How much does a good chess set cost?

A good wooden chess set typically cost $200-$400. All chess sets have the same number of pieces, and come in a variety of shapes with different surface textures and colors, so there is no right answer to what makes one set better than another!

The best way for you or your child to choose which one will be most satisfying is by trying them out before making a purchase.

The first step would be to get an idea: do you prefer aggressive colors like reds or blues? Or more neutral tones like whites or blacks? Do you want a wood grain that’s tight (very close together) like cherry-wood; or open (wider intervals between grains), such as walnut?

Next I recommend reading reviews on sites such as Chess House USA Online to help you make your decision about which one is best suited for you or someone like you. The affordable plastic chess sets will cost you around $25.00, and the wooden sets will cost a bit more at around $100 -$400.

If all else fails just go with what appeals to your senses in person while browsing in store… If nothing catches your eye then online shopping may be the way to go!

You can also buy chess boards and pieces separately if that better suits your needs; but some people do prefer matching pairs so they’re easier to keep track of during play.

How to choose the right chess set for your skill level?

To choose the right chess set for your skill level, it is important to consider the following:

  • Your skill and experience playing chess. More seasoned players will need a more complex set with added pieces, while beginners may want something simpler.
  • The intended use of the chess set – whether it’s for personal or professional play (or both). A person who only plays occasionally at home will likely enjoy a cheaper budget set, but if you plan on playing competitively then spending more on quality sets might be worth your time.

Why should I use a chessboard and not just play on my phone or computer?

A chessboard is a physical object used to play the game of chess. Players can use it for planning strategy, analyzing their moves and those of their opponent or just playing games with friends.

It’s an age-old debate: should you play your favorite board game by yourself at home using only a phone app (or even online) or spend time assembling people in person?

The answer really depends on what kind of player you are! Some players enjoy playing solo because they don’t like socializing while others want more human interaction when gaming.

Ultimately, there isn’t one right choice; there are many factors that need to be considered such as whether you prefer digital over analog and how often you’ll actually get around to playing.

A high quality chess set can last generations and still look beautiful, which is why they are a smart investment.

It’s important to know what your needs are before you make the decision of whether or not you need an expensive board – it might be in your best interest to buy one that has wide boards so you don’t have such a hard time moving everything around if space is limited!

If, however, there isn’t any room for a chess table but plenty of available floorspace then go ahead and invest in some smaller plastic sets that won’t take up too much storage area.

There are many different types of products on the market today from large antique looking wooden tables to smaller chess sets that are perfect for travel.

The most important thing to consider is the size of the board and whether or not it’s wide enough so you can easily move pieces around if space is limited – don’t buy a set with small boards just because they’re cheaper!

And when considering which type of product, be sure to pay attention to how heavy your table will eventually get once you start adding more players on top as well!

Where can I buy an affordable, high-quality chess set that won’t break easily?

There are 5 great places to buy quality chess sets, these include:

1. Gardner Trade Company: offer chess sets from $65 up to $$250 with metal pieces and wooden boards in many different colors. They also have other games along side their selection on chess sets that include checkers, dominoes, backgammon and card tables!

2. Amazon: They sell all sorts of products including hundreds of affordable chess set options for you without having to leave your home or office. The downside is it does take longer than usual as there’s no physical store location where you can go to try out before buying like some brick and mortar stores allow. They do however provide customer reviews so that you can get a feel for the product before making your final decision.

3. Chess King: they offer chess sets that range from $250 to upwards of $1000 depending on what style and type set you are looking for! They also have many different games such as backgammon, dominoes and card tables available so it’s worth checking them out if you’re unsure where to start.

4. The Chess Store: Offers only top quality products with designer styles at very high prices ($2500+). The people who purchase these luxury items will spend hours playing their favorite game whether they play against themselves or other players in person.

5. Chess House: They are my favorite. Chess House offers a variety of chess sets, including some exquisite pieces. Their products are handcrafted with meticulous care and attention to detail by the finest craftsmen in Europe who use only the best materials available. Chess house offers chess sets in many different styles, colors and patterns. Prices may range from the lowest $20 to the highest $2,000

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