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Learn Chess From our Selection of Free Chess Courses

Our interactive chess courses range from beginner to advanced difficulty and go over topics like:

  • How to Play Chess
  • Chess Tactics
  • Chess Openings
  • Chess Endgames

Each lesson incorporates lesson exercises that allow you to practice the skills you just learned on an interactive chessboard.

Over 2 Million Free Chess Puzzles

Along with our interactive chess lessons, we also provide a chess puzzle system with over 2 Million unique puzzles for you to practice chess on! The difficulty of your puzzles scales with your skill level, so you are always learning!

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Puzzle Rush

Along with our rated puzzle tool, we also offer a fun training tool called Puzzle Rush what allows you to see how well you perform under time pressure. Try to solve as many puzzles as possible in under 3 minutes, 5 minutes, or in our survival game mode.

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