Hercules Chess, launched in 2020, is a website dedicated to teaching you about chess. We started as a chess blog but then transformed into a chess training platform in early 2022.


Currently, our platform consists of 2 main parts; learn and practice. Our learning tool first teaches you a topic through an easy-to-understand video. It then lets you try the lesson material on some pre-generated exercises to help you practice the lesson's content.

Our practice tool consists of many different sub-tools to help you practice chess. For example, our puzzle tool is pre-loaded with over 2 million different puzzles at various difficulties to help you solve tactics. Our notation tool helps you learn chess notation by making you find particular squares on the chessboard.



Our interactive chess courses range from beginner to advanced difficulty. Each lesson incorporates lesson exercises that allow you to practice

Rated Puzzle

Along With Our Interactive Lessons, We Also Provide A Puzzle System With Over 2 Million Unique Puzzles For You To Practice Chess On!

Puzzle Rush

We also have a puzzle rush game with three modes; 3 minutes, 5 minutes, and survival. Play through puzzles of increasing difficulty until you get three puzzles wrong or run out of time!

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