Is Garry Kasparov Masterclass Good And Is It Worth The Money?

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is garry kasparov masterclass good

If you want to play chess well, you go to the best to get the training you need to become the best. That is how you obtain the secrets to get the edge you need to beat your competitors. Young pitchers have gone to Sandy Koufax for pitching lessons because he teaches them secrets they do not teach anymore in baseball.

That is how you become good. You do not go to the last place chess player to become the best in chess. You go to the best to make sure you learn all the techniques you need. Is Garry Kasparov’s masterclass good and is it worth the money? keep reading our article to find out.

What is Masterclass

Before you sign up to take your chess lessons, you need to know a little bit about the platform sponsoring those lessons. Masterclass is what it claims to be, it gathers the masters from over 100 different fields and has them teaching everyone who signs up their secrets to success.

These teachers were famous and masters long before Masterclass came into existence. In each of the categories, you get 7 to 10 lessons for roughly $180 a year. That fee gives you unlimited access to all the masters and works out to only $15 a month.

The videos are between 10 and 20 minutes long so you will not get bored listening to repetitive boring lectures. Plus, you are sent a workbook so you can retain the knowledge you are being taught.

To put the cost into perspective, the $15 you pay a month boils down to sacrificing 1 or 2 pizzas a month depending on which ones you buy and where you buy it. Or you are giving up about 1 cup of coffee per day for 15 to 30 days

Almost anyone can afford that and since you are not paying $180 for each master class but for over 100 sets of videos, it is a very good bargain. The sacrifice is not made in vain.

Is Garry Kasparov’s Masterclass Good?

It is certainly a good class that is worth the money as you are not paying $180 just for his class alone. His class is just 1 of the 100+ you get to learn from after you pay your membership fee.

Here are other reasons why his class is worth the time you invest in watching his videos:

  1. Lessons- his set of videos reach 29. That means you are getting almost 30 top lessons from a man who knows the game.
  2. Teaching- not every master of their domain can teach or teach well. His reputation is stellar and he knows how to teach what he knows.
  3. Content- Mr. Kasparov’s content is well thought out, very structured, and not incoherent. He has put the same amount of work into developing his class as he did preparing to play chess.
  4. Qualification- Mr. Kasparov ranked as the #1 chess player in the world for 255 months. If you do your math, that is over 20 years as #1. He has lost only 200 games out of the 2515 he has played. His top score was 2851. Yes, he is qualified to teach chess!
  5. No false promises- he does not promise that your game will improve or that you will go up in the chess rankings. He does state that he hopes you will learn more than just chess and that you will work hard to improve your game.
  6. Time- the 29 videos will take 7 hours and 20 minutes to finish and it is important to take those lessons one at a time with some gaps between viewing. There is a lot of information to absorb and put into practice.
  7. Level- this class is designed to help all chess players no matter their level of play.

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The Design Of The Lessons

It is the concept behind the design that makes the latter so attractive and valuable. Mr. Kasparov doesn’t just teach you basic chess facts but has designed the course to provide a problem that the student is to work on first before he explains the solution.

There is an 86 page downloadable workbook that expands on the lessons and the puzzles that are included to help you put into practice what has been taught in the videos. There are portions of the lessons that focus on theory, hands-on applications that are practical, and analysis of different games that have been played throughout history, including some of Mr. Kasparov’s.

Each lesson is designed to help you learn. If you learn and put the lessons into practice, chances are your game will improve. You may not become a #1 chess player but you will have more fun playing the game and enjoy the fact that you have improved.

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The benefits of taking Garry Kasparov’s class

There are a lot of benefits that come from signing up for his class. Here are just a few of them:

  1. You get lots of good inside information and tips
  2. The content is valuable and provides you with the right training
  3. The lessons are well structured and not given in complicated technical language. They are easy to understand and follow
  4. You get more than one class for your membership fee and each class has a set of videos
  5. You should be able to improve your chess and other skills
  6. You are being trained by one of the best
  7. Video quality is top-notch
  8. Workbooks are included in the fee

Some Final Words

Now that you have seen the facts, the best person to answer the question ‘is Garry Kasparov’s Master class good and is it worth it?’ is you. Since you will be paying the money, it is you who will make the final determination.

But given the facts, we can say that the time spent under his tutelage is not going to be a wasted effort. Check out Masterclass and see it for yourself.

With the ability to take other lessons as well, you are bound to learn something valuable and improve your skills. 

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